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​​​​​​​​​​Cell Tower Industry Sharks Are Feeding... 

Swim At Your Own Risk. 

Don't Become Their Next Meal.

By Steve Kazella

Regardless of whether you have a single carrier cell tower or a portfolio of cell towers, you are swimming with the sharks of the wireless industry whenever you are talking to them, and the deck of cards is not stacked in your favor. As a cell site landlord you are most likely getting numerous solicitations from various so-called cell tower lease buyout companies who are offering cash lump sum payments to buy you out of your Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, US Cellular or Sprint leases. Additionally, you may also be receiving calls and letters from the major tower management companies such as Crown Castle, American Tower and SBA Communications who are wanting to speak with you about extending your leases or offering you a buyout or to purchase a perpetual easement on your tower in exchange for a large payout. 

The wireless industry sub-sector of financial companies which are out hunting for treasure like pirates has emerged, and it has evolved into a rather cutthroat business.  It has created a problem in the industry where landlords are often reluctant to return a call from a carrier because they are so used to getting sales calls to sell their leases, that lease amendments and tower infrastructure upgrades are often delayed for months because landlords don't know whom to respond to.

These are not all apples to apples offers. As a wireless landlord you probably have a bunch of questions, like is this solicitation a real offer? Am I receiving fair market value for my cell tower rent?  Is this a good offer that I should consider? Why are they trying to get me to sign a letter of intent?  What are the implications if I sell?  Should I agree to this lease extension? 

Cell towers are the interstate highways and railways for voice and data communications over which billions of dollars worth of calls and data are transmitted every day.  they are a vital part of  our infrastructure. They are not just the latest fad... They are not going to become obsolete because of some new innovation any time soon... 

If you have questions about your lease, especially if you are considering selling this valuable asset and commodity, talk to one of our experts before you do anything.  Have somebody with cell tower leases running through their veins look at your lease and also evaluate your tower or rooftop cell site.  If you were going to have brain surgery, you'd probably want to speak to a specialist, not a used car salesman (no offense to wireless landlords who own car lots).  

Tower Genius helps cell tower landlords to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Think us as your filter. Give Tower Genius a call today, let us help you make sense of your cell tower lease, without insulting your intelligence. The first consultation is always free and there is never an obligation to work with us. The wireless industry is full of sharks and pirates. Don't become their next meal or victim.